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Meet Our Priests







Father Craig Borchard - Pastor

Father Craig, originally from Detroit, MI, became a priest in June of 2016. He felt a call to the priesthood his senior year of highschool after attending a retreat which changed his life. He experienced a profound encounter with Jesus, and has a strong desire to give to others what Christ has given him. He is the newest member of the Saint Vincent de Paul community and became Pastor, June of 2020. His favorite part of being a priest is celebrating Holy Mass every day; particularly when he elevates the Host during the consecration. He enjoys being involved with education and is looking forward to working with children in the school and with adults in ministry. His two favorite saints are Philomena and John Vianney but if he were to go back in time, he would want to meet Saint Peter, the first pope. Some of his favorite hobbies include writing music, playing tennis, golfing, and cycling. He is also a roller coaster enthusiast and can tell you anything you want to know about them. He hopes to one day be able to travel to Mexico City to visit the Shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Father Craig’s cuisine of choice is anything Asian or Italian! 






Father Benjamin Landrigan - Associate Pastor




Father Eloy Jimenez - Associate Pastor